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RADS Pepper Sauces are craft hot sauces handmade in small, micro-batches, then aged to perfection in Oak Bourbon Barrels. Aging RADS hot peppers sauce intensifies the flavors as ingredients fuse together slowly over time. We may not be the fastest spicy hot sauce, but we’re one of the best! We know you’ll taste the difference that barrel-aging makes when you try RADS Hot Sauce!


RADS hot pepper sauces compliments the flavor of your favorite eats whenever you want to add some heat! Yep, RADS tastes great with just about everything! RADS is also perfect for cooking and meal prep or Add RADS hot sauces to marinades, sauces, dressings, soups, and condiments to add a kick!

RADS “Reserve”

Made with locally sourced ingredients, our pepper mash is aged in American oak barrels for five months before bottling to develop deep character & garlicky heat. Made with organic ingredients.

Lemon Pepper Garlic

The mildest flavor of the RADS brand. A customer favorite, classic tangy lemon pepper taste is updated with RADS garlicky twist. An irresistible flavor for all! Made with organic ingredients.

Sweet Apple Jalapeño

Made with locally sourced ingredients, our apple jalapeño pepper mash is aged in American oak barrels for five months before bottling to develop deep character & tangy heat.

Apricot Habanero Sauce

The spiciest of the RADS family. Sweet apricot habanero heat satisfies the spiciest seekers. Apricot flavor forward, with lasting heat, make RADS apricot habanero an extraordinary hot sauce.

Our Story

RADS is named after its’ founder, Ryan Anthony Davis. RADS Barrel Aged Pepper Sauce started as an experiment in fermentation in his home kitchen. Ryan knew barrel aging produced delicious results in beer, wine and whiskey, so he thought why not hot sauce? The first versions of RADS were produced from Bellingham Farmers’ Market peppers and garlic and aged in small five liter American Oak barrels. Ryan’s friends and family served as recipe testers and tasters (thanks guys!) The result of Ryan’s vision was delicious, and RADS was born!

RADS is aged in American White Oak barrels for five months which adds a unique earthy richness to RADS, and sets it apart from other hot sauces. While developing RADS, Ryan tested a batch without barrel aging to be sure the barrel-aged flavor was what he sought. There was no comparison! It was Barrel aging that brought out the depth of flavor in RADS.

Fresh Ingredients

We use only high quality ingredients in our hot sauces that are thoughtfully sourced from local farmers located right here in the Pacific NW, not far from where RADS Pepper Sauce grew up, plus RADS hot sauce is vegan, gluten free, and non-GMO.

Nice to Heat You!

Hi, I’m “RAD”, founder and Boss of Sauce here at RADS! I handcraft each micro-batch of RADS hot sauce and barrel age them to perfection to create an irresistible blend of heat and taste! I think you’ll taste the difference!

Warm Hot Regards,


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